Jumo Kineta. The first president of Kenya


Juma Kineta
Juma Kineta
Juma Kineta

Juma Kenta. The first president of Kenya

                  Juma Kineta is counted in Kenya’s leaders who are considered to be a great scientist of Kenya’s independence against English imperialism. It is said that it took out the tribal rebellion in Kochi to find a better life, it was a period of innovation when it became a member of the struggle of freedom by joining the national movement. In 1963, Kenya appeared on the map of the world in the form of a free country, which became the first President of Jamaica, after the struggle for the day of Ramadaña and his companions.
          The birth of Keena Ta was held on January 1, 1889, at that time the British had been in Kenya for a while and they could not take more land for the population nor were they influenced by the traditional life of Africa. This was followed by European practice when it was undergoing treatment in a British hospital due to an operation, so that it was so much later that a mission came out of the house to study at school and tried fate. Arrives to Nairobi. While young people continue to find opportunities for a person while doing small jobs, some youth of the Kiwu tribe in Nairobi, founded an organization based on East Africa such a goal that was against the greed and domination of the Gordon. In which Kenneta joined secretly because at that time he was a government official Could not associate the view. This organization was abolished in 1925 and its members named Morgan, a new organization (K.C.) Kiwi Central such as the Sewation, leaving Keena to leave his government job and became the Secretary General of this organization. Along with this, the organization’s magazine “Megi Vihana” released the release of the editor, whose editor also made it himself.
          Canadas in 1925 to match the three occupied territories of Kenya, Tanzania (Tanzania) and Uganda. CA left London, where he would meet the government secretaries and smooth the way for the freedom of those areas. The idea also supported the blues of Kenya, because they believed that they could also get the right to contribute to the Kenya government, while some Africans were expressing that doing so would make African in Kenya The government will either be reduced or it will be overwhelmed
Wake up. When British government secretaries insisted to meet Kenneta, he wrote a letter in which he wrote “If Africa’s independence is ignored then conditions can turn away from the censure and the riots may be likely. Therefore, recognize the rights of Africans on Africa’s land, provide them education and basic facilities at official expenses and give them the right to represent in the government. He wrote an article for the Thesis of Anthropology during the formation of London, which later published In the form, “Festival of Kenya” was published in the book. Cook in this book
          When blond settlers refused to accept all their demands in 1948, at that time, an organization called “Mooo” started a violent attitude and started a movement of independence. The organization targeted Kenya’s fertile areas, and Kanna was arrested in the same period, which was also sentenced to seven years imprisonment. It was a political case which was criticized by which the government started considering Kenya’s independence, and started doing it by 1961. That year, another new party “Kenya African National Union” came into existence, which has won most of the Legislative Council seats. The party, after seeing Kenneth’s delays, made him head of his party, and Kenneth was also released from prison in 1962.

Kenya was completely liberated in 1963, whose first president was made of Kenneth. Under which head of Kenya began to be stable from other African countries, and this step-by-step adopted the attitude of African values and started moving toward development Kanetta ensured the representation of all the tribes in the government, which led to a decree in tribal rituals and stability of law and order remained stable. On May 23, 1978, the unbelievable leader of Kenya died in Mumbasa.

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