Magic Leap News

Magic leap news

  Magic leap news

It is, of course, nothing short of magical. The invention of Leap Motion is the new wave of revolution in the computer world. The development of which will lead to many facilities. The magic leap news of the leap is over, knowing something about who invented it.

Magic Leap News
Magic Leap

It’s 2000, David Holmes, a 14-year-old American boy, became increasingly interested in computers. In fact, mathematics was his favorite subject, so he started to use computer help to solve complex mathematical problems. Soon he realized that this is a powerful teaching tool. So he started making 3D designs of the things he liked on the computer. But gradually he realized that the scope of the computer was not infiniteÛ”

On the contrary, sometimes they become a hindrance to work. In this regard, David explains, “I would have prepared an item in a few minutes from the soil. But they often took hours to create the item on the computer. That’s why I started to think, what’s the problem? Where is the breakdown in computer technology? “David Holz thought that there should be a better way to create a virtual clay computer. Realized that if the computer was run with just the fingerprints instead of the mouse and keyboard, things would be faster. The idea stuck in David’s mind for 14 years. 

After completing his schooling, David enrolled in college and then university. He wanted to do a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. However, he often seems to have invented a device that can run computers using gestures.

Magic leap news
Magic leap

In 2010, the concept became so dominant for David that he left education and opened a company called Leap Motion. He then began researching and experimenting on making a device that could work on a computer with the help of a finger or an object (such as a pen). Has created a new revolution in the computer world.

The invention of Leap Motion:–

Finally, in 2012, the work of David and his colleagues began to ring and they were able to develop a sensory device that could “see” even the smallest finger movement (0.01 mm) and reach the computer. This device was named “Leap Motion.

Leap Motion is actually a USB device that looks like a desktop computer. It has two small infrared cameras and three infrared LEDs. When equipped with a leap motion computer, its cameras can see finger-pointers up to a meter (three feet).

First, LEDs create a 3D model of infrared light dots (Patts). Then the camera takes photos of this data (300 pictures per second) and sends it to the computer…Leap Motion software integrates this data into a language that the operating system can understand, such as Windows 7, through “complex mathematical formulas”. This is how the operating system dances at finger-pointing orders

This amazing invention came up for sale on July 2013. Currently, Leap Motion is priced at US $ 80 (Rs. 8480) in the US. Users say the device is currently in poor condition, and therefore could not meet expectations. However, the Leap Motion Company is engaged in research and experimentation to improve its invention to resolve complaints.

A glimpse of the future Magic leap

It is a fact that every new invention has flaws in the beginning and good qualities! But gradually the flaws go away and they become popular. Take for example the computer itself. The OS computers were so bankrupt that they could fit into a room. Today, even more, powerful computers have reached the hands of smaller mobile phones. In the future, not only computers but also leap-motions can be the catalyst for change in many areas of human life. Even when this technology is flawed, a wonderful digital age will be born in which people can use the machine with their fingers and hand gestures. Will run Then the machines will be able to do the related tasks by knowing the nature of the signals.

For example, robots have been invented to help doctors perform operations. If the Leap Motion technology was adopted, it would be possible for the robot to perform the operation simply by understanding the doctor’s instructions. David Holmes’s desire is to make it easier to communicate between computers and humans. With this desire, Leap Motion was born and now this invention is slowly gaining popularity in the West.

Recently, the famous American company that made computer hardware, HP announced that it is launching the “Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition” laptop. The feature of this laptop is that it will fit in a laptop motion (USB) factory. So he won’t have to buy it separately.

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