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Nelso mandela
Nelso mandela

Nelson Mandela

Peace Love True, these are the titles of the universe, which will be written as a whole of the writings of the whole world, as long as it is established, the time shows the truth of human history which is based on the fact Understanding and understanding is essential. Man is recognized by his thoughts, but the condition is to express his views without leaving the right hand. Every aspect of the life of truth and truth, every aspect of life is a tremendous lesson, and their sacrifices are torrent pathways everywhere. It is said that subtle freedom actually plays an important role in human development
For those who suffer from freedom, they are immortal, and they live forever in their hearts. One such role emerges in the present century, which has played an important role in the politics of reconciliation and understanding for all its life to end the ethnic difference. It could not only make a practical struggle for the nation but for the political leaders of the entire world. This personality, which establishes a high example of peace, tolerance, and tolerance is in the hearts of the oppressed people of the world.

Early Life:- 

The child named “Rollahla Mandela was born on July 18, 1918, at the home of the thumb tribe in the village of “Moizuoizu” in the eastern Rass village of South Africa, later known as Nelson Mandela. His name was Nelson behind Nelson’s name that when Nelson began to go to school, his name became a masculine instinctive teacher, so teachers instantly named him Nelson from his family. Who has been with him for the last time and will always be a torch for those who are struggling throughout the world.

Start of politics:-

Nelson Mandela started politics with the “African National Congress” platform and remained attached to its death (ANC). In 1941 Mandela came to Johannesburg where he was employed in a legal firm, and passed the examination in 1952, and founded the legal firm for African black parties. The purpose of this firm was to provide legal assistance to those who did not have any good luck. His struggle was a problem in the eyes of the racial government, so they were looking for ways to ban it. By the fear of this ban, Mandela reiterated the struggle to keep secret in which it was a huge success. About Mandela, the author of the world’s literary and political writers believes that he was a politician who was   The politics of reconciliation, peace, tolerance, and patience has given a theory that can not be forgotten. Everything of this comes in the category of national interest, this example is not found anywhere in the revolt politics. The opposition tried hard to destroy it in the eyes of their people, but they failed every time, how could Mandela get the promise of his 27-year-old prisoner not even dispose of this commitment.
In the ink of sun-breeding ink in continent Africa, addictive greeds were also praised by the knowledge of humanity, which was placed in just a window semi-dark prison. But the sun is never imprisoned, his long patience in this long war of 27 years has given the heat to all humans of every region of the world, awakening the consciousness and spirit of freedom. The walls of the living cannot prevent Mandela’s conscience from going out, so alone, Mandela blamed the breeding bliss rulers throughout the world until they were forced to release it. Because respect is to prove independence, on every country of the world society, it has become necessary that the right of the racist rulers of Mandela deserves them, so the Breeding regime was then alone in the world. He could neither trade nor sit with a global community.

The purpose of struggle:-

This great leader of the world describes himself as saying, “I was not born for the freedom of freedom in the hope of freedom; I was just born free, free in all that I could know. I was free to run to my mother’s hunt, I was free to swim in a transparent stream that flows in my village. The corn under the stars was free of frying and was free to ride slow slopes. Human or God’s rules have never hurt me, as long as I remained my father’s subject and banned the tradition of the tribe. It only happened when I realized that freedom of my boyhood is now a mirage when a young man has been revealed to me that my freedom has already been touched by me,  then I began to feel hungry. In the first instance, the freedom of a student wanted freedom only for himself. The interim freedoms of staying out at night, studying your choice and going to your place were my motives. Later on in Johannesburg, a young man had the desire to achieve goals and to earn his money, to become the main and respectful freedom to get married and to keep the family, and begging for such freedom, in which life-bound No obstacles.
This was the time when I gradually saw that not only was I free, but my brothers and sisters were not free, I noticed that this was not just my freedom, but it was restrictive but was stuck in everyone’s freedom restrictions. Had happened that was the time when I joined the A and my appetite for my freedom turned into my great hunger for African National Congress the freedom of my nation. It was a desire for the freedom of my people to live their lives with honor and respect, which has spread a new spirit in my life, which has made a fearful man, who is a law-enforcement lawyer.  Made a criminal, who made the family-friendly husband homeless, who forced a person who loved life-to-life life of a monk. I learned from my colleagues who were with me in the struggle that threatened their lives for the sake of an ideology, and I saw that jurists call not to get rid of fear, but to dominate it. The brave man is not the one who is afraid, but the brave one who conquered him. We had chosen the path of open eyes, which was not an easy path, and we did not have any misunderstanding that the path would be easy. As a young man, when I joined the African National Congress, I saw my colleagues paying the value of my ideas and that was too much. In fact, Nelson Mandela emerged as a leader in the whole world, who knew what her purpose was, her axis of struggle, excluding her nation from the terrible darkness of slavery as well as protection of her rights and society. They were respectfully respected. In 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa, the world saw that a new South Africa intention was created where the formation of a swinging society became a new head. The world recognizes that Nelson Mandela has changed the map of politics of non-equality and racist discrimination against the struggle of the world, freedom of slavery against slavery and racism, non-equality and backward class. The awareness and consciousness of elimination highlighted. Mandela has said in one of his speeches that “I have dedicated my life to the African people, I have fought against the dominion of white people and I am also against the dominance of black people, but I Freedom and humility is a desire for society, in which all people can live with love and love equal to them. This is my dream for which I am alive, and I hope I will get it if I need a sacrifice for it, so I am also going to die
Today, Nelson Mandela is not in the world but the interpretation of her dream is set and timeless, she has left behind a struggle against imperialism, which is a torrent for world politicians. Those people are golden people There are many bright aspects of the history of the tail. The words stored for words are also reduced. This is the history of the people for whom they were written and also poetry. Actually, Nelson Mandela was a leader and leader who was fully aware of his purpose and was keen on destination. In the heart of the people to withdraw their people from the darkness of slavery and to protect them in a secure and secure society, they would be a brave and honorable place. They succeeded in winning their nation’s civil war due to their intention, so their name will always remain in historyGreat Leader Fredrick Douglas

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