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Sheedi Yaqoob Qambrani

(Black) Sheedi's historical backward reality

I belong to the martyrdom community of Sheedi Yaqoob Qambrani Pakistan. Hyderabad is famous city of my birth Citi Sindh, where it is famous in the evening. Different historians describe their different ideas in the light of their research. But none of us did not even raise up the question of whether they talked or wrong. Therefore, in order to know the truth about these things, I started the research process which is still continuing. Before this research, I heard and read what I heard, and there is something wrong with some facts. I am very thankful for those friends who have helped me, guide and encourage me for this work. In fact, research is the process which does not have any liability but lies falsely, but its losses. With history, it has been proven that it has been written more in its own interest. It is very harmful to know the truth of the nations, not any other way beyond history, because of its true nature. In fact, the history of history is called, every nation, looking forward to its past, finds future paths for itself. So history is a major part of the history of the people.
          The history of black flowers in the world has climbed a tall of dust, which has been reduced to remove and those who are doing it are worthy of respect. In the universe, black bodies have become a source of existence, but it is solved. Despite having many indications, do not even know why they are hidden from their eyes or they are not showing due to racial prejudice. The historians often focus on slavery, which was an easy target for them, but it is also necessary to think that poverty and slavery have always been. The slogan of slavery in the present period has changed, now the new name of slaves is a servant. There is no difference between slavery and job, it is only now that one time has been fixed, six hours, eight hours, twelve hours or twenty-four hours. The first slave was not given any compensation and now a servant is also charged with a compensation. Inequalities in the world have helped rapidly reduce the poverty factor due to which the class system spread and based on color and race, the quality of low and superiority was established. Today on the basis of color and race No such a bird must have shed as much as a human being has shed human beings. Despite such a lot of bloodshed, it has not been decided who is advanced and who is the level. If seen, most of the dates of history are related to blood.
          Even today, the black people of the world are engaged in maintaining their existence, and the world seems to be astonished in the subcontinent. While counting on the ancient people of this region. Referring to the famous German historian "Razi", Rahimadad Mulai Shaddai, the founder of the famous historian of Sindh, writes, "The ancient nations of this region whose thick lips, bangles, bangles, hairstyle, and middle-aged ones are inhabited here since it The world has come into existence, the latter nations, who despised the land, rebelled from their land and made slaves. " Another historian Mir Ali Sher Kanha writes in his book "Prayer Alkarram", in the bibliography that "This name on Sindh and India was named due to the Hindu and the doubts of the name of Noah". Maulvi Shades also wrote his book "Paradise Almighty" That's what I said. Now, if the history of study is done by an open heart of the narrative, many facts can come.
The process of identifying the black martyrs in the world as a low level is tried to realize that these are the slaves of slaves, that is not correct. Black shadows are slaves, the whole nation is not slaves. In our region, our Black Shepherd Breed has determined this very difficult journey of ancient history in the nurtured time of prejudice and exploitation with great patience. In contrast, Black Shades belong to the same race in the world, it is wrong to say or write that there are different types of black martyrs in the world. We only speak languages separately, but our values are commonly shared with our identity and our culture. In this region, we have adopted two variations, which are a Bulgarian and a German. Bilali is from Bilal as a believer and Qambani is as a disbeliever from Qambar, most of Sindh gives the impression that Qambani or Bilali is called Shaheed, who is also known as Shaidi, this impression is also wrong. Dr. Syed Mohammad Amir Gilani writes in his book "Al-Jazeera al-Khadim" about black relatives: "The face of the beloved or black men is spacious and the nose results are spacious, their teeth are larger and their minds get out of the skin. It comes to them, but they are thin, but they are fat, they are thick, they are tall and the arms are tall, they are strong and they are interested in playing songs while they are experts. They remain in the form of an organized tribe, whereas they have their intentions and beliefs.
Shaheed writes about the word that the word "Sadie" is a corrupt form of words that Arabs brought in this region with them. The meaning of this is honorable, is the word 'Sadi' used to be related to respect, and even today the Arabs use this word. Our visitors have said something like "shade" in the ancient Swahili language that was called red in the fire and became dark when it became dark when it became cold, which became a martyr. As Habib means black, the devil says the ruler's time, the king.
       When Kalhora was a government in Sindh, Shadhi was ruler in the dark South Indian South. They had their own states. Therefore, the writers say or write that the martyrs have been brought slaves in this region, which is false. The strangers who cried to the culprits and the arrogant people were called because they were black colored. Disguise them from their land and see the slavery of Greeks who surrender slavery, which is an integral part of history due to the great struggle of Sparteex. Today the black people who say the slaves forgot the English era. Black came to the seventh eleven CE, with Mohammad bin Qasim, did not come to be a slave but he was considered to be the best fighters in the world. If the writers write about slavery, there is a lot, but they are unable to tell when and when it began. The author of book slavery and breeding writer, Dr. Mubarak, writes that "History of slavery is important in history, so that the historical process should be identified, which causes slavery and then to find its moral justification. Afterward, it is important for the characters to participate in the rise of the world's development and civilization, and they get two lessons, one is a sign of injustice that is narrated with slaves. The second world will have to be grateful to them that they took part in their efforts to carry out every civil civilization by sacrificing their sacrifices. Therefore, if this fact is accepted, then, in this case, ethnic prejudice and injustice which are still being adhered to their generations, will end and they will get equality in society”

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