( Rosa Parks ) Famous Black Woman

 Rosa Parks Famous Black Woman

 Rosa Parks 
Today the load work has been high today, the opportunity to sit throughout the day has not been found. Now legs too have become uncomfortable, if you come soon, you will go home and relax. In his opinion, she was waiting for a bus that the bus came in so much, the rush was less than enough in the bus, but the seats were already sitting on all the seats where it was to sit, while it was untouchable. Hurray, she dared to sit on an empty seat. When the bus driver saw that a black woman sat on a specific set of white people, she asked him to stand there, on which the black woman refused. The bus driver reported to a policeman on which the woman was arrested. This is the fact that it has accelerated the ongoing racial movement in the United States. This great woman is known as Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks , Famous Black Woman
Rosa Parks


On February 4, 1913, women born in Tuskegee Alabama, this woman is the pattern of equal rights for black people, due to which all this could happen.
Problems in her life began to take place since two years old because when she was second, her parents got separated, her mother moved her and her younger brother to Pine Lele Album, Shortly afterward, this little family Minangar Shift happened. Rosa was admitted to an industrial school, where he was trained to make hunting, clothes chest, basket making, and arts like tension. When it was in Alabama State High School, there was a need to stop reading you’re repeatedly due to the illness of your sick mother and granny. At the same time in 1932 he married a black named Raymonds Parks, a civil rights activist, and also began to repair the clothes of the people as an insurance agent. This was the time when African Americans were somewhat less likely to get jobs and opportunities. He writes in his book that “Blondes blame you to create a mess, even though you are acting like a human being.” Such a type of discrimination has to die every time. “
The news of the arrest of Rosa Parks spread throughout the city, which all black people reacted strongly, boycotted this bus, they stressed that they could sing walking, but could not tolerate unhealthily. It was the path of peace and non-violence that the blacks used to activate their rights. This reaction led by a young leader MartinLuther King Jr. 
Martin Luther King Jr
ؐMartin Luther King Jr
Undoubtedly, this movement provided a determination leader in the form of King Luther, who led the lead to a long-term journey of dark-fighting journeys in the years. Along with this, Rosa Parks’s denial also gave the historical status that further encouraged this movement. He was honored with various references to Rosa Parks, which was given the Springer medal in 1979, and in 1980 she became the first woman to get Martin Luther King JuniorNeon violate Peace Prize“, where she had won eight people earlier. It is true that the civil rights movement influenced even more by Rosa Parks, due to which blacks were able to achieve high positions. This struggle is a lesson for the new generation that should always be remembered.

Rosa Parks, a new turning point in the Blacks history, is the person who took the first step against human rights deficit, which apparently was a protest movement against a bus company but he stirred new life in the movement against racial discrimination.

Famous Black Woman
Famous Black Woman

From my side

from my side World history is also studied, so high-profile women also look, who has been involved in delicate sexual activities, despite their actions that perform such acts in the world, which are not only proud of women but they We worked for our class and then we were struggling for the strengthening class, which brought their struggle for the rights to the end.
Such women’s performance is not only written with golden characters on the attributes of history but today their name is considered as an authentic reference. Rosa Parks, who take the first time for the rights of the rotten black people in America, is also a prominent name in those women, who explicitly elevated the knowledge of equality in the wandering society. That he is considered a very golden reference to the human rights issue. He was standing in front of a country’s dictator’s law, despite being an American black family. His resistance and denial of the fate of black people in America started the struggle, today his mate is in front of us today as a Black President Barack  Obama

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