Black Cultural Dance In Pakistan

 Black Cultural Dance In Pakistan

By: Sheedi Yaqoob Qambrani,

 Black Cultural Dance In Pakistan
Cultural dance of black people living in Pakistan, which is celebrated on the occasion of happiness and has been a tradition for centuries.
Dance songs where there are values and values of a black People culture are also very important. It is a human nature that whenever it is in a happy way or that hears a good news, his heart creates, the dance is a sign of happiness. So dance and singing is not only part of human nature but also its spiritual needs. Similarly, their various dances have proved to be a source of expressions of joy and happiness for the people’s expressions of happiness, which also translate their culture, which we also call cultural dancing.
Black sheedis of different regions of the world do their cultural dances on their own, which are more prominent in their own festivities. The drum is the main place in the black life, its plate is one of their spiritual constraints, and on the sound of the sound when they dance together, they become diluted, the differences end, and it All friends and loved ones are offered in a battlefield.
Pakistan’s martyrs have also held their cultural dance for centuries. The mugerman is a special instrument of black people, it is also known as “Ghoma”, which is a collective dance. In Sind, it is also known as sports, sports, while engaging in insignificant enterer in Sind, the scattered numbers are scattered in the feet of martyrdom. It is also a type of test that how much trouble and difficulties are in the body. This tradition is centuries old, in the first round, when gathered on the occasion of different tribe festivals, especially a large amount of fire was burnt, when a dancing became like that, a person would have a special responsibility. That he scattered the arrows in the field. During this, no martyr could have been left without dance, knowing that leaving the dance on the elite dance, he was considered as a prophet and today it is established. This culture of Pakistan’s darkest martyrs is still today, even today Rajab and Shabban moonlight are held in different cities in different cities, with which the Shadows of the era are included.
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Written In Relation To The Black Months, A Historical Fact.


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