(Sheedi Tanzela Qambrani) A New Chapter of History

A New Chapter of History
Tanzela Qambrani
A new chapter of history:(Sheedi Tanzela Qambrani)
Sheedi Tanzela Qambrani In the way, a new chapter in Barack Obama became America’s first black president, in the same way, a new chapter of history in this region, as a member of the Provincial Assembly of Sind SheediTanzela Qambani Province Sind province of Pakistan. Has happened Tanzania Qambani, a Women of Pakistani martyrdom community name net PPP as a Member of the Provincial Assembly on a special seat. It is not less than a great honor for the martyrdom community, because this community is counted as a backward community in Pakistan. Qambirai, a relative of Matli from Badin, in Sind’hs coastal district of Sindh, is the first woman who has reached this position, she adopted politics after graduation in computer science from Sind University for which she was the Pakistan People’s Party Select the form, which has ended the impression by giving it the provincial assembly seat that Sheedi is backward people.
History Of Black Person

Sheedi community’s Sind sacrifices are part of history, they have great names, such as Shalman Sheedi, Hosh Mohammad Sheedi, and many anonymous people who have ordered themselves to show their love for the past. Their number in Sind is cozy, loyalty and honesty. These peaceful people are also present with their culture and values today. The journey from Shalman Sheedi to Muhammad Siddique Musafir Sheedi and Tanzela Qambrani has been great patience, which has also begun many mischiefs, but those who love Sheedi love have proved to be sincere and sincerely devoted people. The tradition of simplicity is being narrated by the traditions of their contemporary people. Muhammad Siddique Musafir  belonging to the same coastal area has tried strenuous efforts to promote education in Sind, his books of the academic curriculum were also taught in Seedi as well as curriculum in Bombay Presidency, in addition to Sindhi literature They were also famous poets, his poetry consists of Hexagon, Kites, Rivers, and Ghazals. In 1919, he founded an elementary school in Tando Bago, which was believed to be the third largest high school in Sindh, where he especially focused on fighting and training. Today, Tanzania is in front of us with arts of Qambani 

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( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan


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