Slavery and its causes in Sindh

  Slavery and its causes in Sindh

The end of slavery came from the whole world in August 1833 and when the British conquered 1843sindh, the law of slavery had settled for 14 years. Before that, there was no concept of centralism, there was a period of economic backwardness and conspiracy against each other was widespread. In this period of breeding rituals, the loss of their identity in the dark of Sheedi was so great, so Sheedi began to change his own, but his attitude and color proved to be a major obstacle, and when the knowledge of Awakening came, For the martyrs, it proved to be a very difficult stage. One thing in which we shared values in this
whole situation is our culture that no one can deny. Because culture and civilization are always alive as a specific identity. To break the confidence of the defeated nations first, attack their culture and civilization and make them mentally humble, and then they continue to work differently. As we are about to have an Ashtanga Gada, a mixed or mixed race, which means that it is mixed or cross-generation, it is mostly used as a general rule of Sheedi in Balochistan. His second meaning is that the father and mother of another generation, while I think that this process has been running for centuries in the society. Barack Obama’s father and black mother are from Indonesia, so what’s wrong with this, you have to decide what the purpose of these things is to describe and reject the dark word. Anyway, the truth has to pass through three stages for self-determination, in the first stage it is fun, while in the second stage it is accepted and in the third phase, it is fully supported

slavery and its causes in sindh
Slavery and its causes in Sindh


The movement of slavery

Under the humanitarian sympathy, the establishment of a unit slavery committee against slavery in the UK in 1710, whose head was “Granul Sharp“. This is the first Englishman who founded the movement of freedom of slaves in the UK, in this regard, Mohammad Siddique Musafir Sheedi wrote in his book ‘Auspicious view of freedom and slavery’ that “the struggle against slavery” Mr. Sharp retained all his work and studied the British and the oldest leaders and the law to get some clue that could easily make the sound of slavery. In this case, he started advocating himself, even writing a book titled “Unhealthy about slavery in England“. In this book, he criticized the current lawyers or criticized some copies of various newspaper editors. After the publication of this book, the British started thinking of slogans in the UK, while Mr. Sharp became the norm that he was seen by the law, wherever he looked at the prisoners, poor populations, and ports. Used to free In 1722, the law became permanent in Britain that whatever slave stepped on to London’s coast would be considered free Thus Mr. Sharp’s day and day, the sun’s freedom from slavery, and his light began to shout Europe too. In this mission of freedom of innocent people, his great friend and colleague supported them, which led to emerging voices against slavery outside the United Kingdom. After Mr. Sharp’s death, the mission of the mission was ‘Thomas Clarkson’, who expanded the scope of the committee further. Clarkson’s article titled a big blow in London, which he wrote at his student time, seeing the people involved in the slave business, they were very upset, and there was a wave of anxiety. He made several allegations on him to stop him and put a murderous attack, but he remained on his stand and actively fought for slavery. Clarkson proved in his book “ideas about the closure of slave” that slave-based Christianity is against the law of Christianity and UK, he expresses that he also used to be present in his appointment. In 1889, he presented a Bill in Parliamentary Bill against the promotion of the businessmen who used to destroy the entire force, but the quantities of slaves were fixed in the ships and the slaves who were free were free of freedom. Width was issued. William Wilber force’ actions also have a historical heritage in the England Parliamentary, which took over the run-off of the committee after Clarkson. About the Wilbur Force, poet Cooper wrote, “O William and the Liberal Force, you took away the illiterate humans, and to free them from the chains of slavery, which led to toughness and struggle. This is the merciful and the wicked people are telling you crazy while all the country is listening to this process. “In 1829 a committee was held under this committee, which was chaired by the Labor Force, and in which the British Governor accepted the $ 2 million to £ 30,000, to compensate for the loss of US officials and manufacturers The slaves were to be released.
On August 1, 1833, it is the day and year, on which day the British Parliamentarian signed a law with respect to the freedom of slaves, and signed a covenant with some other countries, by which a ship carrying a slave No such port can pass through the European Union. All the slaves are free in Asia or the region where the European Union is dominated. When the British conquered Sind, the same rule was enforced 

The beginning and causes of slavery 

The beginning of slavery is due to the beginning of imperialism, Dr. Mubarak writes: “The availability of their slaves and the availability of their slaves was great on the society, and due to this, social behavior changed. Whenever a nation united, They attacked the poor and neighboring countries and started returning from their wealth, and in addition to gold, humans were also brought as slaves. This social behavior has also given birth to slavery and poverty, whose effects are still significant in different forms. The color and race base has been present in a controversial form until today, as much as the harm of human equality has happened. It’s not possible to get rid of it. Peter J. Parish, the author of the history of slavery, has suggested that “the slavery would have to recognize the fact that it was based on injustice and non-human basis, which resulted in cruelty and cruelty. The horror has increased to a large extent, but it also comes to reality that slavery proves that in human history emotions of resistance are so intense that they can not be crushed even after hardship and also human Nature is so flexible that it makes every kind of environment favorable to itself and tolerates all kinds of suffering and difficulties. S retains the desire to live.
Religions of resistance against this social behavior are valuable, which make the way of human equality by teaching the equality to human values. Religion has played an important role in combining people of different species of peace today. But racism and slavery still appear at the lower level, which is important for promotion and education 
of knowledge

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