Slavery and society

Slavery and society.

The theory of slavery regarding black and white has been presented so much to the world that it seems like the nation was a slave from the point of view, but it is not so. The historians too long overlooked the interests of Western society and white people, so they never considered what they had done to African Africans. have been. He only caused problems for innocent humans for his benefit, whose results were not effective for themselves. He highlighted the prejudices between black and white, while black always showed signs of sin and evil. They made such kinds of black, such as blacklist, black color, black sheep, black magic, and Karo-Kare in Sindh, black blacks which fall into the category of evil practices and The black people tried to give up. It is in the fact of the history that during the occupation of Britain’s occupation, he never blamed the blond people in the subcontinent’s people, they would always call them black people, namely, they were from the ancient history of the region. The ancient history of this region also indicates that black people were inhabited in that region.

slavery and society
Slavery Reality

Reasons for slavery

Historians have explained slavery in an institute that has not yet ended, according to that time, there have been many amendments in the organization and human rights were disseminated so its situation has changed. If it is considered to be the case of slavery, then slavery causes a lack of hatred, mutual harmony, and unity, besides weakness is also an important cause. Anyway, the power factor is inclined to make weak slaves. When the power of the African black people sold out the weak tribes of slaves, the world attracted them. The outside people also walked on their steps and formed a profitable business.

The reason for the formation of imperialism is also slavery so that they will establish their own anger and courage on people. Earlier, the traders used to do this or the traders used to do this, but the goals were the same as the two classes. According to the authors, as slaves used to come into private property category, their position was owned, while today the privilege and security of private property are considered legal and necessary in the interests of the owner. That is why by reducing the human level of the slaves, it is considered to be a part of the property only. The rules were made for them in which no rights were taken.

slavery and society
Slavery Reality

The movement against slavery (Mr.  Granvill Sharp )

The movement started against slavery in 1710, under the “Anti-Salary Committee” which caused an event. As a rich man threw his slave in a street after severe violence, Mr. Sharp took him to his brother’s hospital when he found his slave in death. Two years later, the old boss caught it and sold it at £ 30, when he became a slave and became a slave to London City, when he told Mr. Sharp, he spoke to the London Mayor and tried his efforts. Freed this slave from After which he was in favor of regular slaves. That was  Mr. Sharp, the first British, who founded the movement of freedom of slaves.

Mr. Sharp also consulted with the lawyers and legal experts of the time, but he could not take any lawyer as his own. After that, he himself studied the old and new rules of the UK, and he wrote a book entitled “the iniquity of the slaves in England,” in which he criticized his lawyers. Targeted and sent some of its copies to newspaper editorials. After the publication of this book, the situation of slaves in London started to worry. Then Mr. Sharp became a routine practice that the prisoners, poor population, and ports, wherever they were seen as slaves, could free them under legal knowledge because of which people started calling them slaves of slaves.

It is a fact that in 1722, the law was enforced in London that whatever slave stepped on to London’s coast would be completely free. The reason for this law was to enforce that a slave had given mischief to a slave who was tortured by Mr. Sharp, so he turned the court against this misconduct and the bench of twelve JJ decided this decision. That slave should be released, so this incident caused the execution of the law which had a great success and was also the result of a breakdown of Mr. Sharp’s slaves. In 1783, the first Anti-Salary Society was established, which took a lot of struggle in making the opinion of public opinion about the country. This great man, who was a day-long struggle for slaves, died in 1813 but left behind the oppression and hard work for this movement.
These were the reasons for special humanitarian sympathy, which led to a lot of help in removing slavery from the neck of the human, and the movement became very refreshing against slavery. !!!

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