slavery in Africa history:

slavery in Africa history:
آAfrican History

slavery in Africa history:
The continent Africa and its people are most vulnerable to slavery in the world. But it is important to know why it was enslaved, by the way, these people look more exclusively due to their color and race, these people are known to be important in the world due to hard work and hard work. They have the potential to integrate every season and every region, so their demand increases.
The standards set in the world due to the colors have been made in the human mind so much that it is not possible to get out of bad and good results. The great worshipers who have used the resort to promote it have been present since ancient times, but the most dangerous thing in them is slavery. This slavery continues today and its rise began when the colonies were started in Africa, namely non-African actions in Africa so that the people of Africa were able to make every kind of struggle for their freedom. You have to earn freedom. The Nawabadiatas was started with the launch of African Natural Resources, under this aim, they started their development work, but as soon as they started to know about the wealth there, they stopped the development work. Doing the wealth of there started returning.
slavery in Africa history
Black old People
The tradition of slavery before or even with African blacks began when the world was acquainted with imperialism. This system has played a major role in humanity’s attention and its effects are still important today. His signature signs are still present in the form of pyramid alloy, which is known as great masterpieces of imperialism in the days. But the attention of the world is not based on this, they are just presenting the slavery of Africa, while the customs of forced labor from slaves have invented the preaching of Egypt from Egypt. Now it will be a mixture of alienation of Egyptians from Egypt to turn away from facts. It is very difficult to confess the world that Egypt is the most decent region of Africa, where the ruling class will consist of black people, where civilization is in the ancient civilizations of the world, but the historian and the researcher black They offer slaves, so it is difficult for them to present the rule. In order to separate the chapter of slavery from Egypt in the world, the role of the world played an important role, I understand that the black people today are said to be evil because they are not able to digest the word of slavery. And whose revenge is being taken from them till now?
Breeding and Black: –
Preparations between black and white are very ancient, when the people of white people belong to black people, white people of people represent black and white people as symbols of sin and evil to prove their superiority. I grew up and participated. And the words of this kind were made in which the black color highlighted a kind of sense of commotion. If we review this, the causes of racism are neither natural nor permanent in every society, but it is a non-natural creation, the purpose of which is through it. Uniform equivalent rating should be set up permanently. The main reason for the backwardness of the nations is that the distribution of resources is not on equal equality, therefore, both racism and reverence are related to each other, and the main reason is that the resources of a community of resources include Be kept away from reach Another situation is Amiri and the poor that is like racism. In the present case, it is a sense of human emotions like a class system, the roots of this system are so strong that it is difficult to end it.
Breeding Needs: –
The slavery was terminated in 1833, but the foundation of the European industry and its superiority was the same. While it was necessary for them to continue exploiting black people after the end of slavery. Because in Europe many blacks were considered to be less than white. Therefore, now the white investor just needed to get mixed with all those prejudices already existed. And it should be found in the form of a regular theory, so if slavery does not remain there, exploitation with the help of this theory continue s.
slavery in Africa history
Black People
Under this theory, some say that black men are not, and others recognized them as humans, but they could be enslaved and foremost. And this could make their lives better in the slavery of the European Union. Therefore, racism has become very intense, whose effects have remained for many centuries and still appear, therefore the theory of race-racing emerged under defense needs and it was argued that Africans are fewer, so they are worthy of slavery. This was the reason for which Africa was severely tortured by slavery, which had to make a big struggle for the freedom of independence, and how many nations did not know the tribulation of the African nation. Has opened the path of exploitation. Do you think this is a correct procedure?

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