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Ancient people of the subcontinent
Ancient people
Ancient people

The Ancient people of the subcontinent

This question in history is still awaiting the answer to how black people exist in the subcontinent. Because everyone seems that black people have been brought from Africa to great oppression, and the writers have also written many books with its knowledge and knowledge of the world with these humanity sores. Lots of movies have been made on this topic, which reflects the persecution in full range, while some Europeans have started studying this topic in their major educational institutions, which is a good process. In this process, the new generation of people will know how their heritage has developed, and while the new generation of black pigs will be aware of how their landscapes are doing, and how to do this to the destination. Have arrived
When historians are present, they display black people in this region also brought Africa from slaves, but it is not true because the date of judgment has already been done. History tells us that ancient people of this region belonged to the Dravidian race before the Aryan, these were black and medium-tall people who fought wars with them during the arrival of the Aryan, which was mentioned in the ancient religious book ‘Rig Vaid‘ I have also written. The archaeologists have called these ancient residents wild and barbaric, but in fact, these dune plants were neither wild nor were they corrupt. Rather, they had begun to embark on an illustration and their trade relations were established with the Babylonians.

The ancient people subcontinent
ancient war


The Arrival of Aryan

One of the features of this feature is about the world’s statistics published on 13 February 2013, which states that “the owner of the region was a black nation before the invasion of the country.” These black-lanes also had a tremendous effect on which they were called Dravidians, their common profession was farming and these dung peoples were more modest and advanced in all nations of their country. In the form of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, the archaeological works are enough to record seal verification. When the arts attacked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, then Taxila was the first center of the Dravidian nation, which came to their way, the ancient archaeological discovery discovered in the state of Nagalaya, the Dravidian nation, found presence before the Arabs. Are there It is obvious that in order to enter Punjab and Sindh the first Taxila area will be dumped and it will have easily conquered the other cities of Punjab. Some black dacoits of Taxila were enslaved in the arrests and some were fleeing to South Punjab and Sindh as the people went ahead and the Dravidian nation ran forward towards Sindh. Of course, these horoscope arts have also grown up with great living standards, but what can be a fight against a brutally nation’s opponent who had a great deal of potential in military weapons. Harappa or Jalilpur was probably the last center of the dangers that conquer the arts. After completion of the arts till Sindh, during the victory of Sindh and Punjab during the conquest of the Black Dome, they were made slavery and those who succeeded in fleeing were the edges of Sindh’s southern and southern part of the Arabian Sea. Take refuge in relatively dangerous areas. The remains of the slaves made by dacoit arts are the famine, mythology, the peak, the chambers in present Punjab, whereas there are still black Shaidi tribes in Sindh and the present mosques and coastal areas near the coast. Later, the coastal settlements of the Arabian Arabs included another black blood called the “Kaledin” nation, and the modern history has been remembered by the name of “Koli” nation.
I think it would be a good idea to say that the second major attack on the subcontinent was in the form of English, due to which the movement of slavery was against the slavery, so the Parliament of Parliament collected content about slavery by eliminating slavery. Given. He also mentioned this law here, and the suburbs of the suburbs were largely ignored by the imperialism of the imperialism, in which Jagirdars and investors were involved in the exploitation of ordinary people. But the British continued patrolling their government long after patronizing their winners and investors.

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