The existence of African in the world: –

The existence of African in the world:

The existence of African in the world The reasons for the existence of African blacks in the world are large-scale migrations, and most are also slaves. The hubsha(Atheopeya) region has been a part of Africa for centuries, with Arabic being the only sign of Islamic influence.
Africa is not the name of any country but it is a continent in which there are six countries and people speaking many languages. It is wrong for African blacks to think that they belong to the slave race. Every human being is born free; man’s freedom means freedom of feelings, beliefs and ideas. The existence of Africans falls into the same category.

The existence of African in the world:
African in the world:

There are civilizations in continental Africa.

Various tribes and cultures in Africa, due to which, Africa is still a combination of different cultures, these ancient traditions and rituals are still in different ways today. When European arrivals came to Africa, they found civilizations in different categories, in which some tribes were gathering food, some were cattle-feeders, while they had some empires and governments, whose name is no longer part of the history.
        The ancient civilizations of Africa would end up cultivating such civilizations like Ghana, Ukzam, Benb, Zimbabwe, Mori, and Nobia, people of Africa knew how to use nature to achieve their goals.
They used to use the land according to nature requirements, so much needed farming. Which shows that they were well aware of the nature of the earth. The artifacts of ancient artists discovered in Africa are regarded as a living example of the greatness and magnitude of African civilization,
Besides works of construction and construction of Felda are considered remarkable. He created his mastermind and created several masterpieces in the field of science, which led to his knowledge of progress, whereas Ethiopia’s letter is notable. Africa’s relations with trade were from other nations of the region. African traders had access to other regions of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Asia. That is, the nature and evolution of Africa created many new invasions in the world, which is an indication of their decent.

The existence of African in the world:
African in the world:

Processing of other nations in Africa: –

 It is mentioned that the process of colonization in Africa began to slowly, while the ancient Africans were aware of the territories and the Middle East countries. They used to trade in many parts of the Arab, Rome, and Greece, at that time traders, used the time to stay on African shores, therefore it is called for peace and development in Africa.
But the European people, who are familiar with the inner parts of Africa, are estimated to be a rich country.
The result of the breakdown of slavery was in African society, the results came to light, when the Portuguese discovered East Africa, they built the castles for their safe stay, which is now “the fort of Jesus” in Kenya. available.
European imperialism for slave trade was a huge need for markets, which could promote their industries in the form of slaves, so they called ‘Royal Niger Company, The British East Africa Company, British South Africa, and French, Welsh and German companies were established.
These companies established their domination in Africa on the basis of arms and also invested, due to which the number of machinery also increased, which strengthened the religious trend. It was the time when European people found that Africa is a fertile region, and there is a lot of wealth, so the people of Europe set up a part of the Lotus corps and set each other. By attending Berlin in 1884, he convinced that what should be done in every nation’s part.
The struggle against slavery
  In fact, the European nations did not occupy Africa easily, but African black mothers have always been very upset. History about it tells us that France took twenty years to capture Africa. Similarly, 9 nine major wars were fought in the UK to establish their domination in South Africa, in which Zulu defeated them in a big defeat in 1878.
In addition, Germans, Italians, and the Believers had to fight hard wars in the region. In this whole world, there was no complete peace and security anywhere in Africa, and this chain was established until the colonial system was stable in Africa, which is a major cause for the intervention of other nations in Africa. Also strengthening

The existence of African in the world:
African in the world:
 The tradition of the weakness of the African culture was removed and their lives were destroyed, the European authorities categorized them on the adoption of mobile cars, as well as adopting European food and clothing habits. As a result of Africa’s distribution, the families were separated by which they were intended to mobilize new entities and flavors.
Many children left for the children away from the mother’s shadow, just because nobody could get much discouragement. Therefore, the mourning against Dai Mei in his resurrection gave him the true face of Europe in history. It is also the case of non-mortality even today when it comes to monsoon.
It is a matter of people who have the same effect on the people of the world. These are the people of history who have been living in the history of history, the people of the world who are coming to life, are the masterpieces of mutual and loyalty

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