Useful Tips for Improving Children's Intelligence

Tips for Improving Children’s Intelligence

Tips for Improving Children’s Intelligence

Tips for improving children’s intelligence, so when it comes to what should be the procedure for their development and education, we are forced to seek the glory of an Expert. Let us work to increase children’s intelligence.

 Improving Children's Intelligenc
Improving Children’s Intelligence

Each individual’s appearance is different from that of another person, even children born from the same parents in the same household and trained in the same environment. It has come to the knowledge from the investigation that no two people are the same in the world. Somehow the difference between them must be.

In general, children are considered to be a standard in the study of children. Anyway, the majority of children have something in common, in terms of color, weight, and appearance. Tips for improving children’s intelligence In addition to all these children, there are some children who are mentally superior or inferior to these normal children, thus suffering a lot of emotions or being mistaken for the environment and neglect of parents. ۔ ۔

The role of self-esteem in a child’s mental development:

Parents want to see their children become more and more intelligent so that children can excel in the field of acquisition knowledge. Various methods are adopted by parents, especially mothers, for this purpose. It has also been observed that many children are less vulnerable to speechlessness, unhealthy habits, but some physical and psychological disorders can be eliminated if they are successful scientists, scholars, musicians, Inventor and artist can emerge …

 Improving Children's Intelligenc
Improving Children’s Intelligence

Talking to the newspaper Alume Saba , a prominent psychologist from Egypt, Dr۔ Mujad al-Jarrodie, describes eight useful tips that are of great importance to all parents, especially mothers regarding their children’s mental development. What are those helpful tips? You know too۔

Self Esteem

1. Self-esteem in a child Since a child looks at himself in his parents’ eyes. If more and more praise is given to the child, it will increase self-esteem and thus improve his mental abilities.

2. Efforts to build self-esteem in children should not be limited to parents. The baby should not be accused of being “limited-minded”, but mothers need to convince their teachers and friends to try to build self-esteem in their children.

3. Avoid intimidation and intimidation of your child in the eyes of other children, even if they make repeated mistakes. Repeated scolding breaks the baby inside.

4. Find the child’s qualities that distinguish her from others. Focus on improving the sound and the power of the Word. Give her an environment at home so that she can build trust in the school as well.

5. Do not place a burden on the child more than they know. Do not let the child fail and become frustrated by being pressured under the burden of work.

6. Continue to help the child improve his or her limited abilities all the time. Instead of focusing on paintings, help the child’s teaching materials, such as his writing,

 Improving Children's Intelligenc
Improving Children’s Intelligence


7. Do not try to psychologically lose your child in front of other children, but also praise your child in front of others.

8. Help the child’s favorite [positive] hobbies so that he or she can feel self-esteem flowing with other children.

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