Who is ended slavery

Who is ended slavery
Abraham Lincoln

Who is ended slavery 

Abraham Lincoln, according to a popular saying, is a “lump in the pit”, it was born in the American Indian form of a farmer and one of the poorly educated families born in this school, only 12 months read, but still, It was a great pleasure to read from childhood. But everyone had the hope of his success.
 Lincoln has done many jobs such as rail slippers, soldiers, shopkeepers, and post-masters, then it was a successful candidate for the Alliance’s Legislative Assembly in 1934. During the Law of Legislative Assembly, he studied law and made a bar member in 1937. The possibility of his success began to appear in his novel, so the girl from a big family of My Todd came to him, Lincoln first wanted to dismiss it, but then both of them Got married Due to this marriage, Lincoln did not get any lucky half because he had a significant difference in the nature of both of them, due to which he had some problems even though he had a bad impact. At the same time, the American nation was moving toward a scandal and moral values became a masculine form of slavery, the government has been trying to balance the balance between slavering states and slavery. On one side there were states of the north who insisted that the spread of slavery should be stopped, and on the other side, there were southern states who considered slavery as a sacred duty for their growth. In 1854, Republican became a new party against slavery, four years later, Lincoln was nominated as a candidate nominated by Stephen Douglas, the center of the Alliance’s Republican Democratic Party, with which Lincoln began it Prove that he is also best suited as Douglas, where he lost the election Lincoln, but during the election camping proved that he could also be a good leader. The next Democrats party nominated Lincoln for the presidential election, due to the internal differences in the party, the support and slavery of slavery, after the election of Lincoln, the states of the South got the opportunity to separate them from the long term. Gai was sworn and in this regard, seven states also announced their independence, which he also named the Confederate States of America. Later, four other states will also join them, with which the war has suffered substantial losses, if the war of freedom and slavery, it will be perfect. In the early years of this war, the performance of the Southern states was bad, while the North-Strategic War strategy was successful, they had more resources and were also disrupting the southern edges, whose effects began to slowly appear Were there As the battle began to be long, the essence of Lincoln’s strategy began to appear. During the internal war, in this critical war, in September 1862, on the attack of General Robert A. Lee’s Maryland, Lincoln gave General Mac Killian the head of the Bolivian Puerto Mack, under the advice of his advisors. Mac Clean got a great deal of victory in Antietam, due to which the Confederate Army was prominently stopped and Europe’s countries also rejected the support of the Confederate.
who is slavery ended
Who is ended slaver

 Announcement to end slavery: –

Following the victory of Antietam, Lincoln released the release of slavery from the United States immediately, giving freedom to all the slaves in the United States. It is noteworthy that this freedom was just overlooked, but with this announcement, American goals have been morally respected. Lincoln is the president of America who was against slavery and had a strong commitment to ending it. In December 15, 1860, he wrote in a letter to Carolina G. Carolina of Caroline that only a big difference between the North States and the Southern states is that you want to correct and increase slavery, while we believe it is wrong and limited It should be, this letter was published as the head of the newspaper.
 This war continued for more than two years in which the army of the South fought a great fortune. This victory was not just a week that a person named John Waxon shot Lincoln at the time when he was watching the drama in a theater. Lincoln’s death was a huge loss to the south and northern states, after the new years of formation, they were very rare, in which very few people remember the words of Lincoln that he had The presidency said in the  speech: “
There should be good emotions for everyone, without being depressed, and come firmly on the truth, fulfill the work which we have taken in our hands. Keep on mind the people’s wounds and they Do everything that can establish a fairly peaceful peace. ” The liberation of the slaves of Lincoln will always be remembered in the good words in America’s history. Due to which the United States received moral patience.
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