Who's the world's safest and secure city

secure city in World

secure city in World

The secure city in the world, Various cities in the world are recognized due to their beauty but people want to go there where there is good management of security, and they themselves feel secure. There are different surveys related to the safety of cities and there are changes, some survey reports are offered for your information. If you are interested in walking around, this article will be beneficial for you. As recently as the world’s safest country this year, the UAE has yet made a remarkable milestone. According to officials, 96.1 percent of people said they feel safe to walk out of the night.

Abu Dhabi

The secure city is the world Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, has been declared the world’s most secure city, whereas South Africa’s two cities have been declared unsafe for the highest rate of crime. South Asia does not include any city in 328 cities.

According to the information released by a comprehensive database company ‘Namibiko’, June 2019 has been at the forefront of Abu Dhabi’s 89.3 points in the world’s safest cities list. According to a report from the English daily Gulf News, according to Abu Dhabi, Qatar’s capital city of Doha, five cities of Doha, the city of Canada, city of Taiwan, Taipei, and Germany’s city Munich. Other cities in the Middle East include the cities, but the city of UAE is Dubai at sixth. Dubai has 83.3 points.

After that, the famous city of Switzerland is Zurich and Germany’s capital Berlin. Hong Kong Ninth and Turkey’s city is Scissors 10th.

By evaluating the 328 cities of the world, their rankings have been based on peace and security, housing expenditure, cost of various goods, health and crime rates.

 Who's the world's safest and secure city
Who’s the world’s safest and secure city

The number of other Gulf cities in the list has been disputed in the 28th position, Bahrain’s capital, Manama 32, Saudi city Riaz and Jeddah are ranked 64 and 103 respectively.

Cities of other countries in which the crime rate is highest, Venezuela’s capital is the capital of Crocus, the city of South Africa, including Peter Murritzberg, Port Morsbab of Papua New Guinea and San Pedro city of Honduras.

 At the same time, pre-Troya and Durban city of South Africa have been kept in the list where crime rates are high.

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