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Boker T Washington.Thanks,
Boker T Washington.

Booker T Washington 

Booker T. Washington Black Leader, Educational Awareness, Creator of Black Educational Institution. This is the leader whose struggles have made it easier for blacks  toreach higher positions 

So there are many rules and guidelines about acquisition knowledge, and it is not possible to disagree with its reality in the development of nations, while the knowledge and attitudes of knowledge play an important role in the development of the nation. Many people have passed away who have achieved the goal of their struggle to acquire knowledge and make it common for their nation to progress. Similarly, a big name in the wealthy wealth of the United States of America is “Booker .T. Washington“, who has also worked hard for acquiring knowledge and also knows its black race Illuminated.

          About Bhokar, Musafir Sheedi has written that “Bakkar T was born in the area of Vajina, where his mother was employed for hunting for other slavery, which was given a snake similar to kitchens. Which was very intense. When Boerer was seven years old, his master also put it on the job. He picked up his boss’s girl and ran behind a Baggie to identify the school, this school was based on a mile. The smoker waited at the school door and waited for his master’s fight and ran back to the house when he was back on vacation. In such a way, the idea of her in the heart of Boerer emerged, and the children who used to recite her lessons in school, she remembered, so she came to read well and she kept reading at her hump in the night.
          After the announcement of the freedom of Abraham Lincoln, her mother married a single black race black, coming from a village Vergina somewhere in a village where she began to work in salt. She also worked with her as a bucker, if someone opened a school nearby, she became interested in reading again in the heart of Baker, the father of the father, allowed him to read on the condition that he was fasting in the morning After going to school and after school, work on salt minus for late. Bucker passed this condition and admitted to a school where he was not asked to head, so he adopted his head half-tt-Washington, who lived with him all over. Bucker writes in his book that “Blacks released after the announcement had two imperfect needs, one should change their name, such as John, Log, Ston, etc. or other than that. Secondly, the factories I used to work in fields or fields, leaving work in another city or village. These two things were essential in Oliver Durra, whose black women were in need of extreme necessity. Learn to write, read the same words to Boker that a school is open for martyrs in the city of Haiti. There is also a bouting work, hearing this, Baker was ready to go there immediately. When he traveled to Nepal, when he reached a mile, his condition was very bad from thirst and hunger. The teacher kept it on a payroll at the payroll.
          In the school Hemmington, the “General Shipton Army String” established for the martyrs in 1828, known as the Normal School. In the same school, Bakkar had to sweep twice a day and had to clean the furniture four times, he would get an education in the light of the night at leisure times. While looking at the hobby of Hoboken, there were more facilities for this study of academic studies, the school administration gave charge of Knight School to Boer while looking at the enthusiasm of education, where it was for teachers working day-by-day Education started teaching in an adult classroom. In the radioiodine, it was not a matter of fact that the educational impact of the martyrs was very high. In 1881, Alabama’s Tsui townships applied Hymaten’s people to a qualified teacher, the school administration 
departed to Al-Baqara where the population was more than other states.

Normal Industrial Institution

When Bakkar took charge of the school, there were only two numbered rumors that used to be used for a school and were used to stay for other students, after the time of the cooker, the axis went out in the woods. And cutting the woods used to prepare school furniture. In the early school days, Bakkar himself also worked with clusters to make dust and mango mixture. Initially, the government gave a grant of $ 2,000 to the school and continued to receive a small number of gurus. Bucker went to different cities in the holiday and spoke to the school, twice three times England went from where he got a good donkey, while the Jewish set of a nominated firm gave $ 5,000 a joint. Similarly, in the year 1914, the school’s fund was $ 7 million and the revenue reached $ 1.5 million. The school, which was set up in two hoops in 1881, started walking from Bakkar’s labor in 1916 in a seven-seven paki buildings, in which various classes including engineering, technical classes, dairy form chains, students’ stay For hostels were built, apart from livestock, agricultural land for farming, which is cultivated by jau, vegetables, rice. The number of students in this school was the number of boys and girls in 1881, who came to the age of eight hundred and sixty-six boys and six hundred and twenty girls who came from the state states in the year 1916, who were educated by the jewelry of two hundred and eighteen teachers. Stay there. By the year 1921, twelve thousand female students and students had been acquired in knowledge during the 40 years, who had been getting good times. The University of New England gave Booker a doctor’s address, a high honor in education lecturer. Dr. Boker was not only a tyrant for black prisoners, but also the leader of civil society, civilization, and education of black peo. The example and where it is not found, by the year 1927, six thousand schools plein different states of America were set up for black prisoners who belong to the Tysksie fund. In 1940, Dr. Boker made a foundation of Shiai Conference which is still up to date. There are twenty-six groups of this institute who are engaged in separate samples to improve the Shadi nation. Dr. Baker has written these words in every word in every big way on the board.
(1) The ignorant person may not be able to live
(2) Slow and slow man cannot be self-sufficient 
(3) No man can get money except good conduct, nor a woman can be originally beautiful.
          The world’s famous scholars say that no one has made such a scientific, cultural development in the world as the martyrs of the United States have done. Still, the rights of civil and political equality in the United States have not been found by the Shaidi nation for which efforts are continuing. Normal Industrial Institution Tecigi is still developing daily commodities, its groups are still busy working for the improvement and prosperity of the Shadi nation.
Sindhi newspaper education, July 1934


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